Posted on Jan 18, 2019

Yuan Dao Healthcare

Foot therapy is a treasure of traditional Chinese medicine, the characteristic health preservation and treatment method of TCM which inherits the medical wisdom of Chinese for thousands of years ago. The miracle for foot therapy treat various diseases in the body through long-term foot care, such as cancer, heart lung kidney liver and stomach and even some complicated diseases.
Massage foot acupoints can enhance immunity, mobilize the potential of the body enhance the body's disease resistance, treatment of various viscera and organs especially for some chronic diseases
Foot reflexology play a bi-directional regulating role, which can make up for deficiency, relieve diarrhea, disperse the accumulated ones, promote blood circulation and dissipate stasis, relieve swelling and pain, dredge meridians and collaterals, dredge joints, nourish essence and qi, strengthen the body and dispel diseases.
Foot bath of TCM is based on the principle of internal and external treatment. The medicine reaches the five Zang-organs and six Fu-organs through the foot reflex area, promotes the movement of Qi and blood, improves the patency of capillaries and channels, thus improves the nutritional status of the whole body tissues and strengthens the metabolism of the body. Through foot massage, it can promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, enhance immune function, relieve tension and anxiety, improve sleep, eliminate fatigue, and restore physical strength, thereby improving human health.
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