Posted on Feb 8, 2019

Yuan Dao Healthcare

Promotion rate-$28/38
Our well trained therapist . Massage and reflexology services guaranteed
We provide various types of therapy suitable for your health problems, including beauty and skin care.
Massage Services:
Traditional Chinese Massage-Shiatsu Massage-Foot Reflexology-Herbal & Vinegar Foot Bath
Healthcare Services:
Ear Candling and cleaning therapy
Moxibustion Healing Therapy
Hot Stones- Hawaiian Salt Rocks- Deep Meridian stick care
Scrapping- Cupping-
Miracle Healthcare cabin: This therapy helps to alleviate chronic physical ailments such as rheumatism, shoulder neck and back problems. It also helps to reduce fatty liver and high blood sugar, aid in gastrointestinal conditioning. Regular usage of this Miracle Healthcare Cabin boosts one’s immunity, enhances the quality of sleep supports weight loss and promotes anti-ageing
For men - improves prostate issues
For ladies - adjust and balance gynaecological disorders
For Children- reduces the chances of getting myopia, improves intellect and enhance their physical growth and development.Suitable for all ages.
DDS Bioelectric beauty and health physiotherapy: 1: Improve palace cold, dysmenorrhea!2: Improve the coolness and promote the husband and wife life!3: Prevention of uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts!4: Improve menstrual flow, blood clots!5: constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids!6:Improve cold, arthritis!7: gout,backache&kidney deficiency.8:promote blood circulation,enhance resistance & immunity!
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